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Petit Boum

Petit Boum - Sensory Toys

Petit Boum - Sensory Toys

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Rainbow Touch Sacks are four cotton sachets filled with carefully selected natural materials that become a sensory treat to encourage babies to explore the world while continuing to play.

Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, these sensory bags offer a variety of sounds and textures to promote the development of the stereognostic sense, that is, one that allows us to recognize an object without the intervention of our eyes.

The hint cards complete the game, with which the baby will test her deductive ability. The images and the content of the sachets are related, so that a wide range of possibilities is opened to explore and play with the sensory sachets.


4 cotton bags sewn by hand with contents of nature: cork, wood slices, natural stones and wood shavings.
4 tiles to complete the game.
Bag size: 10 cm
+12 months


Sensory Balls

This selection of five balls offers unique and varied sensory experiences thanks to the different natural materials that have been chosen for each of them.

Different weights, dimensions, temperatures and textures that give rise to endless possibilities for free and imaginative play.

Contains: a 9cm steel ball, an 8cm cotton rag ball, a 7cm ball of 100% natural wool, a 6cm cork ball and a 5.2cm maple wood ball.



Palm leaf basket handmade in Spain by artisan basket makers.

Fill it with sensory toys and little treasures.

Size: 27cmx11cm

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