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Grabease - Ergonomic Baby Toddler Self Feeding Utensils - Spoon & Fork Set

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--- Words by Grabease ---

Supports self-feeding: The short handles of Grabease utensils are ergonomically designed to suit the natural movement and grip of babies’ hands, encouraging baby-led weaning and giving your little one a chance to learn on their own schedule

No choking hazards: The cloud-shaped collar on Grabease baby utensil acts as a choke protection barrier, to ensure your child does not gag on the utensil while experimenting with self-feeding

No nasty chemicals: These toddler fork and spoon sets are made from 100% safe plastic, free from BPA, lead, phthalates and other harmful materials

Easy clean-up: These baby spoons and forks are safe for the top rack of your dishwasher. Simply toss them in with your dishes or boil them for 2 minutes to clean

Develops dexterity: Occupational therapists recommend Grabease. As your kiddos feed themselves, they develop motor skills and their finger muscles grow stronger, preparing them for coloring, drawing and writing in the future

*‎Wash before use
*Dishwasher safe - up to 160 degrees
*Never leave a baby unattended with product